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Summer Special

Bundle Photo booth with any DJ package
for only $600!

Got any cool add-ons?

Projection and cake mapping


When you’re deciding on the overall design of your space you’re primary focus should ALWAYS be on your personality and the experience you would love to enjoy with your closest!  Lighting can elevate that experience but, Projection Mapping can create a completely immersive experience for everyone to share!!



What is the theme or personality you would like to express? Are you getting married in the winter and interested in creating a wonderland? What if you’re space has no windows and you’re looking to achieve a nature feel? Or how about your wedding cake… are you a Disney fan that is looking to add a very unique touch to your wedding cake by making it come to life?! The options are truly endless and only limited by your imagination. 


With projections we can either completely transform your venue space or highlight all the beauty it offers in a way that your guests have never experienced! 

This service BY FAR is the most unique, non cookie cutter service you can book. If you’re interested reach out to us and be ready to describe your vision, theme or personality!


Prices based on venue space, amount of projectors and complexity of animations and content being projected. reach out to find out more



UPLIGHTING is one of our favorite enhancements, adding your personality to your event space. When done right, the placing of your UPLIGHTING will enhance and highlight the architectural features of your venue’s event space and add a pop of excitement to your photos!

Can we choose the color? Does it stay the same color all event?

You absolutely can choose the color and that color can be pretty unique to your theme. We can even slightly change the tint of the color you’re looking for at the event on the fly. Completely computer controlled, changing colors during the high energy portions of the night and adding to the ambiance of the formals and dinner by creating a slow fade or leaving the lights completely static throughout. The options are completely up to you! Check out the video to see a demo of options available

Pricing based on Venue, STARTING at $500

Video Guestbook

Create Unforgettable Memories

This is our take on the traditional “GuestBook” your guests sign for you. Instead of just a signature and short quote your guests can walk up to the kiosk and hit record then leave you and your new spouse a beautiful message that can be watched over and over, and yes as the night progresses the videos get funnier and funnier.
You will submit us a picture you’d love us to blow up for your guestbook then in the couple weeks after the celebration we will produce you a video of all the clips strung together for you to enjoy!!

Starting at $350



You may notice a trend here. We try to offer experiences that are completely unique with a focus on personality while removing the cookie cutter feel. That doesn’t stop with our monogram options. We have become an industry leader (speaking at conferences and training all over the country) when it comes to projections and value the options we offer to our couples. 

We offer some of the most unique options that truly allow your personalities to shine bright in light! 

Whats the difference between the two??

A static monogram displays beautifully as a highlight to the space and is completely personalized to you! Forget the days of a simple white light displaying your initials or just your names!


An animated monogram takes it a step further by adding motion to the monogram! Check out the video for a demo!

Starting at $250 (Static)

Starting at$350 (Animated)

Cold-Spark Fountains

Add Some Spark To Your Big Day

Want a very unique way to highlight your First Dance, maybe as you share your Kiss to start your marriage at your ceremony or just want to add to your already planned sparkler send off? These fountains are awesome, safe to the touch and emit no spoke, odor, are safe and designed for INDOOR use, and most important NO FLAME!

Starting at $699 per pair (Not available at some venues)


So Everyone Can Hear Your Vows

We can play your Prelude, Processionals and Recessional music, coordinate with your hired professionals and mic up the officiant!

What is all included?

  • 30 Minutes of Prelude music
  • Processional and Recessional Music
  • Wireless Microphone

$349 (On site)
Take off $100 when bundled with DJ!

LOVE Marquee Letters

It's All You Need.

All you need is love after all. Add this unique decor to your big day that can be used as a photo backdrop or as a way to make the DJ booth more fun. These letters are 4 feet tall, and come with White with LEDs or natural wood filled with White Roses.

$299 EACH OR BOTH FOR $500

Dancing on a cloud

Ever Want To Be In A Fairytale?

You have a vision that covers every detail of your wedding including your first dance, but I bet I can add to your special moment to make it even more elegant and classy. Ask me about our Dancing on a Cloud effect! 

Looks AMAZING! But is it safe?

Our Dancing On A Cloud effect is produced by our professional dry ice machine which blankets your dance floor with a low lying cloud. It truly transforms your first dance photos!

Starting at $300

mock fireplace

Cozy and Awesome!

Keeping with our style, our mock fireplace is a completely unique and far from cookie cutter! Add that bit of home, hiding our DJ booth behind our mock fireplace. As a bonus this can also act as a video screen to play a slide show during dinner!!

Add this for $400

Are you ready?

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