Providing memories that you and your guests can enjoy FOREVER!

We are a premier Entertainment Company serving the Hudson Valley Region but have traveled across the country providing services to a wide range of couples. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE this industry, the excitement, the fun, the smiles and tears and the connections made with our couples. We truly are here for you throughout the planning process and we WILL discuss the proper way of structuring the elements you want then execute it in a way that is conducive of the style party you’re looking for. The most important aspect of a successful event is the planning and the structure created, we are here for you throughout the process including creating and executing a timeline of your celebration.

Each couple gets a day devoted to them. We do not have multiple DJs or book multiple weddings in a day. We book 1 wedding per day and focus all of our attention towards executing the timeline we structured together during our planning meeting!

We love the connections and relationships we build with our couples that we set up a group to keep in touch with our couples and see how their blossoming families are growing.  This page is dedicated to out past, present and future couples. On this page you can reach out to our couples for referrals, ask questions or just get inspired. To join the group just click the link below!

The Your Event Matters Entertainment Family

One thing we request from our couples is, simply,  a direct, open line of communication… This is extremely important to us. Getting to know you, your fiancé and your personalities allows us to create a truly personal event, mixing in surprises and completely changing the dynamics of your formal dances or activities. We have done an amazing job creating emotion at celebrations and the key to this is our couples being involved and communicating to us.

We truly enjoy the emotions created at a celebration and we realize that this is key to creating a memory. You don’t want a cookie cutter experience that won’t stand out and neither do we. Jenny and myself really want to mix in as much of your personalities as we can then show them off to your guests. Traditions are great if that is what you’re looking for but you need to realize they are only optional and there are some great ways to evoke some beautiful emotions that I’m sure your guests have yet to see. Just reach out to us for some of our extremely unique ideas!

Your Event Matters is a team of passionate, honest and caring professionals who offer an array of expertise in entertainment services. Our family will take a proud role in your simple and traditional to elegant and stunning event and fill it with laughter, fun, excitement and memories.